Depressed? Stressed? Anxious?

It isn't easy living through a pandemic...

but you are not alone.


John Kossol

Certified Life Coach & Spiritual Director

Here's Johnny...

Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Certified Pastoral Minister and Peoplemap™ Trainer (personality assessment tool) with a professional background that encompasses business development, process re-engineering, and change management.

John has a passion for developing and guiding others to achieve peak performance in their roles and feels that if you can create the right organizational structure, attract the right  talent, turn them loose to "be"; then everything else falls into place.


As a Spiritual Director, John journeys along with individuals through issues such spiritual growth, grief, addiction and anything deep within that's not been awakened.


John’s corporate experience interwoven with his care-giving, ministerial and addiction recovery experience brings a fresh and unique coaching and training perspective to any individual or business. His positive energy, consoling demeanor and passionate communication style make him an engaging personality in group or one-on-one settings.



Life Coaching

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as: "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." 

Whoa! cool definition and accurate.  Let me posit this: Coaching is helping you be the real you.  Did you know the core belief you have about “who you are”, could in reality be your greatest in-ward fear of well, “who you are”? Let me help you unpack that.


You can bring any aspect of your life to coaching. I honor you as the expert of your life. Every person is held to their dignity, is creative and resourceful. Standing on this foundation, my responsibility is to:

  • Encourage client self-discovery

  • Elicit client-generated solutions

  • Hold the client responsible and accountable*

If you are generally interested or even skeptical of how coaching works, in my opinion, the best way for you to understand coaching is to call me and let me coach you for 10 minutes.

*you gotta do some work at least

Bridge Over a Lake

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the practice of journeying with you as you seek to engage and deepen your relationship with God, and most importantly enter into a dialog with God.


Yes, you talk to God, God talks back to you. A weakness most all of us have is not being able to hear God speaking to us.  We must nurture our ability to hear God’s gentle (or sometimes demanding, abba-like) voice in everything around us. 


We all have a “Spirituality”, if you’re a non-believer, we will explore what drives you, your loves, hopes, fears; perhaps these are your spiritual principals.  How well have you developed, understand and confronted them?  We can explore together.

Some key some points about what spiritual direction is:

  • Addresses the underlying question; “who is God for me?”

  • Concerned with a person’s experience of God in their everyday life

  • Not crisis oriented, but growth oriented

  • Not a single or occasional “session” about some particular problem, but an ongoing relationship defined by a certain continuity and consistency

  • Includes me: listening, questioning, waiting with, challenging, encouraging, savoring, clarifying, mirroring

I can go on, and even what Spiritual Direction is not but I think you get the picture. I don’t sell you, influence or try and persuade you into any form of belief, zero.  That’s all within you, inside to your very core. I simply help you bring it to the fore.

Wild Nature

Working Together

My sessions are easily accessible via Zoom, phone or in person, where possible.

As I mentioned in the Life Coach blurb, to best understand what it is I can help you with, just call me, let me coach or direct you for 10 min on any topic you may have, hear and feel what it will be like to have a life coach or spiritual director being your companion on this crazy/beautiful earthly journey.


Suppressed potential can exist for a multitude of reasons. Let’s set that free and dramatically improve your outlook on life, spirituality, relationships and work. And you can bring whatever’s on your mind.

Why me?


Sure I have formal training and certificates, (check the About).  However I lean on my life’s experiences to listen and guide.


I “made it” in corporate America, church ministry 24 years and going, care-gave for both my parents, other family members and friends, overcame opiate addiction and work with other addicts, support many folks in their times of loss (grieving):  tasted food in London, Spain, Germany, France and most of the 50 states right here in the good ole USA, along with enjoying the scenery and culture of each… enough about me, let’s make it about you.

Three Horses


Learn how the 1100 lb horse understands and reacts to your 130 lb body (of course +/- some pounds :-) ).  It's actually because they sense and feel your emotions, your heart rate, your state of mind...  COMING SOON